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€320 or €420 - MM28
  • €320 or €420 - MM28

    Please read the following terms and conditions before making your purchase:This design is unique and will only be tattooed once.


    Position: Free

    Two price options depending on the size:

    €320: 13 to 18

    €420: 18 to 25

    If you want to get that design over 25 cm it’s possible but price may change.


    Mix and Match options will add an additional cost:

    Butterflies/dragonflies: + €50

    Ornaments: +30

    Moon and/or stars: €20

    The deposit you pay today is non-refundable and only covers a portion of the final cost of the tattoo. The final cost of the tattoo will be €320 or €420.


    The remaining balance will be due on the day of your appointment.

    After you make your purchase, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. Appointments will available from April onwards and we cannot guarantee weekend appointments due to high demand.

    Terms and Conditions for Deposits:Your deposit is required to confirm your booking.- If you cancel your appointment and do not reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited.- If you need to reschedule your appointment, you must notify us within one week. Your deposit may be transferred to your new appointment.- If you postpone your second appointment, it will not be cancelable, and your deposit will be forfeited.- If you fail to schedule your appointment within a reasonable time frame of 6 months after making your deposit and do not contact us during this time, your deposit will be forfeited and the design will be made available again as a 'tattoo flash.'Deposits that have been paid but the tattoo has not been started are valid for a period of 12 months only.- If you fail to show up for your booked appointment without making contact with the studio, your deposit will be forfeited.

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