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The quality and duration of healing is different for everyone, your lifestyle, genetic, age and the way you care about your tattoo will influence the final aspect of your tattoo. 

Following the instruction given by your tattoo artist during the healing time has a significant impact on the it's final aspect. 

Each tattoo artist have their own aftercare instruction that can be very different from one to another as they are adapted to their style.

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We will put your tattoo under a bandage, this "second skin" have to be remove at the end of the 3rd to 5th day.

Don't:  drink alcohol (can thins the blood and rushes pigments out). Do sport or anything that ca make you sweat.

Do: Nothing much, just try to wear loose clothes on the tattoo.

The first day a bit of liquid will be in between your skin and the bandage and your tattoo may look black under the bandage. No worry it's normal. 

If you experiment redness and intense irritation, remove the bandage before the end of day 5.

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On day 3 to 5, remove gently the bandage and wash your tattoo. Wash your tattoo with a neutral PH gel.

Dry gently with a clean towel or disposable napkin. 

Moisturize your tattoo using one of the following product:

- The Colorbright (Cream available at the studio) 

- Cicaplaste La Roche Posay

- Cicalfate Avène

- Coconut oil (make sure to use a clean pot) . 

- Shea Butter

Don't over cream it, your tattoo needs to breath. 

Please do not use Bepanthen.



Don't: sun exposure, bath, swimming, hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi, scratch. If you do you may loose pigment of your tattoo and affect it's final look. 

Do: Let your tattoo breath as much as you can, moisturise 2 times a day and wash it only once using a neutral ph soap (or just water).

Once healed, your tattoo still need a little attention, as long as you take care of it, using sunscreen (50) and moisturising once in while, you tattoo will evolve with you nicely. 

Follow up: it's always good to follow up with your artist, to make sure that your skin absorbed the ink well enough. We do provide free touch up if requested 3 months after the day of your appointment (our artists reserve the right to determine whether a free touch-up is necessary or not)

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