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Our Artists

Meet our team of talented artists. Have a look at each of them instagram and choose wisely before send your tattoo request, they may all do fine line, each of their design is a unique piece of their own universe.

Welcome to their world! We hope that you will find your perfect match!



Mayssa is a freehand specialist, ready to collaborate with you on crafting your perfect design. Whether you're looking for a medium-sized piece or a larger project, With her guidance and artistic flair, she ensures that each element of your design is carefully considered. Embark on a collaborative journey with Mayssa, where together, you'll create a meaningful and personalized work of art.

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Radek is a tattoo artist specializing in the intricate art of micro-realism B&W.

With his skill, he brings to life the images closest to your heart, whether it's the portrait of your idol, a cherished object, or even your beloved furry friend.

He helps you creates enduring memories on your skin, ensuring that they remain in your heart and mind forever.

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Veronika is a fine line artist, expert in both black and white and colored tattoos. Whether it's a birth flower bouquet, detailed colored floral design, or abstract artwork, she excels in delicate and precise work. 

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At Inkluded, we proudly host international tattoo artists who visit Ireland, fostering collaborations with talented individuals from around the globe. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our upcoming guests and exciting collaborations.

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