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Our Artists

Meet our team of talented artists. Have a look at each of them instagram and choose wisely before send your tattoo request, they may all do fine line, each of their design is a unique piece of their own universe.

Welcome to their world! We hope that you will find your perfect match!



Mayssa is a French tattoo artist, with a background in graphic design. Her style is a combination of nature (botanical and animals) mixed with ornamental and mystical elements.

She loves working on a bigger scale, if your goal is to be covered by the beautiful flower she is the artist for you!

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Meet Rafael, a tattoo artist with four years of experience, specializing in fine-line floral tattoos. Rafael's work is a tribute to botanical beauty, with a focus on intricate and detailed floral designs that adorn your skin like delicate jewellery. Each petal is a masterpiece, each stem a work of art. Transform your vision into a living bouquet with Rafael.

Book an appointment today and let Rafael's fine-line florals bloom on your skin.

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International artists

We are always happy and honoured to welcome talented guest from all over the world.

Keep an eye in our instagram to be informed the following guest artist visiting us in Ireland.

You are an artist and want to guest with us? 

Thanks! We will come back to you shortly.

Inkluded Tattoo - Newmarket House - Dublin 8

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