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  • Why should I choose Inkluded tattoo studio
    Our STYLE - The Most important thing when choosing where to get a tattoo is to ensure that the artist style match the kind of design you are looking for. Make sure to browse our instagram account and gallery to get a better of idea of each artist work and universe. - Black & White - Colour ( - Fine Line - Dot work - Botanical and nature inspirations - microrealsm CUSTOM DESIGNS & FLASH AVAILABLE - We are happy to create custom designs but also have some flash designs available to choose from here. UNIQUE DESIGNS - All our designs, both flash and custom illustrations are unique and tattooed only once. We may sometimes do a serie of similar illustrations but would always include some variation and small details to ensure each design is unique. If you have a design or type of illustration in mind you can absolutely send me some pictures that I will take into account and get inspired from to create your own piece. PRIVACY - The day of your booking we will welcome you to our private studio located on the 2nd floor - New Market house - D08VAP9 ECO FRIENDLY AND VEGAN - We are working exclusively with vegan ink and working with a line of ECO tattoo supply.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    HOW TO BOOK: Bookings at Inkluded tattoo studio are by appointment only. To book an appointment please fill the form available here . No rush while booking, take the time to read everything and to send us a clear description of your project. Make sure to fill out each of the fields and include as much details as possible, this will help us understand your idea and quote accordingly. Due to a large demand it can take up to 1 month to get back to you after your original enquiry so bear with us. We do not reply to any DM enquiry, we indeed receive quite a large amount of enquiries every week (and absolutely delighted about it !!!) and as a small team cannot follow up efficiently through DMs.
  • What is a cost of a tattoo?
    The pricing of a tattoo will depend on a lot of things such as: - The type of tattoo, is it a custom design or one of my available flash design. - The location of the tattoo, some areas are indeed more complex and will require more time. - The kind of design required, some type of designsare more complex to design and will take more preparation. - The size of your tattoo The size matter of course – but be aware that some small tattoos may take more time because of the amount of details. For example a small butterfly of 3 to 5 cm could take as much time as a flower illustration of 10 cm. You might not realise it but we would sometimes use the same amount of quite expensive supplies to tattoo a small flower or a large botanical composition. The preparation time, sterilization before and after is also exactly the same regardless of the size of your tattoo. The minimum for a tattoo is €150. The pricing includes: The design of the tattoo for custom designs, a private appointment on the day, a free Touch up if required (Touch ups are free only up to 3 month after the tattoo has been done) . For large designs a 10 minutes consultation can also be organised before the appointment day. Some word of advices: People often say ”Do not expect a good artist to come cheap”, and if you decide to settle for a cheaper deal because you are impatient to get your next tattoo, you could end up spending a lot more money further down the line, when you have to pay for a cover-up or laser tattoo removal. Our advice, save your money until you can actually get the tattoo you want and make sure to pick a great tattoo artist with the right tattoo skills for the design you have in mind.
  • How much deposit is required?
    From €750 to €300 depending of the tattoo. Additional fee may apply if more than two sessions are required. Your appointment will only be guaranteed once the deposit has been received. Deposits are non-refundable. If for some reason you have to cancel your appointment / do not show up / if you are more than 20 minutes late or have to postpone (last minute) your appointment the deposit will be forfeited completely and another deposit may be required to book another slot. We understand that some things can happen so as long as you give us a bit of a notice (Up to 7 days in advance), we will do our best to give you a new appointment with the same deposit. More than one reschedule will forfeit your deposit.
  • Why do you require a deposit?
    Our artist would spend up time working on their booking and schedule, planning first, and later thinking and designing a new illustration, even the smallest of tattoos require some preparation. We like to take the time to think about each design carefully to ensure that we deliver an illustration that really match your original idea. We also need to take some time to prepare the material before you even sit down. Deposits help us to ensure that you will make it to your appointment and that we haven’t done hours of work for nothing.
  • What to expect during your tattoo appointment?
    REVIEW OF THE DESIGN – The first step before putting any ink on your body is to review the design together. Your artist will show you the final design if not sent or agreed in advance, they can then review it, make some small changes if required, adjust the size and find the perfect spot and inclination so it looks great on your body. Only once we are both happy and on the same page will your artiststart tattooing! BREAKS IF REQUIRED – We all know that getting a tattoo can sometimes be painful (the feeling can vary from a mild burning sensation to a cat scratch), also keep in mind that the intensity of the pain will mainly depend on of where you intend to get it. Regardless of your sensitivity or the size of your tattoo it is very important that you let your artist know when you are tired so they can make sure and take breaks if required. ADVICE FOR AFTERCARE – Your artist will always let you know what are the best practice to take care of your new amazing tattoo, if you have any doubt check out our after care page here.
  • What are the most and least sensitive area?
    MOST PAINFUL AREAS – The areas with direct contact to a bone are usually the most sensitive. For example: The ribs, hands, feet and pelvis. LESS PAINFUL SPOTS – The areas protected by a muscle such as The arms, shoulder, calf or thigh.
  • Would you do a tattoo that isn't your design?
    Some of our artist would sometimes agree to tattoo someone else design but only if: - The illustration was design by the person that we are tattooing or one of his/her close friend. - The design is close enough to their own style. - We will not tattoo a design from another artist except if you have a written authorisation provided by the artist.
  • Do you do consultation appointment?
    10 minutes consultation appointments are available for large pieces only and after an appointment have been schedule and deposit received. Due to a large demand we cannot offer personal consultation before each appointment. Each artist would however take couple of minutes on the day of your appointment to discuss any changes required to the final design. You can get a pretty good idea of our artist style and area of expertise by browsing through both our your artist Instagram page and this website, useful information are also available so you know what to expect when booking a tattoo at included tattoo studio. Should you still have questions (personal health situation...etc.) please feel free to send it though my booking form.
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